LUCID is a collaborative conference organised by the Assurance Medical and Underwriting Society, FOCUS, Select 74,  the Health Claims Forum and The Health Insurance Society

The Assurance Medical and Underwriting Society (AMUS) exists to provide an educational and social environment to increase knowledge amongst medical underwriters and insurance doctors. AMUS has an Education Committee and offers a Diploma in Medical Underwriting which is recognised across the Insurance Industry.

The Health Claims Forum is a life insurance organisation, whose purpose is to improve claims management through the sharing of knowledge and experience within the health claims field. Membership is open to the claims staff of all life companies with health or disability related products.

Select 74 boasts membership of underwriters, claims assessors and insurance medical officers from all leading long-term protection insurance and reinsurance companies, and insurance services providers. Our objective is to promote business and social contact between persons actively engaged in life and disability underwriting and claims, particularly by meeting and networking.

The Health Insurance Society (HIS) was established in 1995 to promote Business learning and social interaction between Irish based  Underwriting and Claims professionals.

FOCUS is a Scottish based group promoting knowledge and education through its regular meetings, usually held in Edinburgh. Bringing together those actively involved in the insurance industry with an emphasis on underwriting, claims and insurance doctors. Our meetings are the ideal platform for continually improving technical knowledge in a social and entertaining environment.

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