In April 2021, LUCID Lite brought a series of four webinars to the screens of virtual delegates, including case underwriters, claims assessors, as well as underwriting and claims teams who are involved in reviewing and developing philosophy.

Each presentation is now available on-demand to all those who registered for the free event. If you didn't register for the live event but still wish to wish to gain an access code to view the webinars, please register here.

Watch the webinars on-demand below:

Professor Lorna Marson
Monday 26 April

Professor Lorna Marsden

The world of organ transplantation is evolving and in this session, Professor Marson focussed on renal disease and the advancements in renal transplantation.

Sir Harpal Kumar Photo
Wednesday 28 April

Sir Harpal Kumar

Early in 2021 the NHS announced a trial of a new multi-cancer blood test which could detect more than 50 different types of cancer. GRAIL’s mission is to improve and save lives through early detection of cancer.

Dr Debbie Smith (AMUS) hosted a Q&A session with Sir Harpal to find out more about this exciting development in the early detection of cancer and explored how this will impact mortality and morbidity in the future.

Dr Angus Hunter
Tuesday 27 April

Dr Angus Hunter

The impact of head trauma is increasingly under the spotlight and Dr Hunter spoke about Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy and traumatic brain injury, both of which we will start seeing have a greater focus for both underwriting and claims assessment.

Dr Julie Denning
Thursday 29 April

Dr Julie Denning

Whilst there have been many presentations on COVID over the last 12 months, Long COVID is an area which we will continually learn more about over time and the impact this has from an underwriting and claims perspective.

Dr Denning focussed on what Long COVID is and who it impacts, how big the problem is and how can we tell given how new it is and lack of meaningful data, as well as supporting people in getting back to work and health.