Part of the true value of the LUCID experience is the opportunity to engage and network with peers within the industry and a core ethos of the conference is 'working in a collegiate manner'.  In the same way representatives of the industry clubs collaborate at Committee level to shape and develop LUCID, all delegates and contributors to the conference are asked to attend and engage in a spirit of collaboration and without competition to enhance and support the importance of our daily work.  These are the core values of LUCID.


LUCID strives to deliver an affordable, educational, fun and accessible conference for Life insurance professionals of all levels of experience. A platform to network and socialise and hear from leading medical experts to disseminate medical and technical advancements that are relevant and forward thinking.



The conference brings together insurance professionals and service providers in an environment that encourages educational opportunities for all, discussing and sharing information that is topical, relevant and future changing.  LUCID is the ideal platform for continually improving technical knowledge in a social and entertaining environment.

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